Impromptu Adeline Photo Shoot

Someone LOVES the camera!

While at the park in Houston, Isabelle and I had an impromptu photo shoot of her in her Adeline dress and leggings (and princess hair lol). She loves being photographed, and is quite photogenic! I may be a little biased, but I think Isabelle will love having these photos when she is older.

Adeline is such a cute girls dress, suitable in the small to the larger sizes! I carry this style in my LuLaRoe shop ?

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Since I’m woefully behind on posting, here’s an update ­čÖé

My ability to post every other week seems to have been severely challenged by life events in the past two months. Here’s the short list:

  • I spent half of January traveling for both work and personal (including driving to Texas since our flight was cancelled and we were too stubborn to let it ruin our time with our friends and their new baby)
  • So much time┬álearning how to run my own business
  • Actually running my own business
  • I also work full-time for a fairly demanding job (my team is super short staffed – aka we are all working late into the night regularly)
  • More travel in February for both work and personal (post coming on that hopefully soon!)
  • After waiting 4 years I am finally seeing one of the top physicians for ME/CFS which has been steadily progressing since I got sick 8 years ago (this also means lots of tests and time spent working on my health)
  • I have two little kids, enough said on that one

Okay, so maybe not so much a short list as much as a long one, but you get the gist. Life is crazy around here and doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon!

So much LuLaRoe!

On the plus side, my LuLaRoe business is continuing to grow! Super exciting! Now I need to shift some focus on making these fun jewelry pieces to compliment all this LuLaRoe ­čśÇ


My LuLaRoe Monroe Fix

Ever wondered what would happen if your LuLaRoe Monroe ended it up in the washing machine?

Hand washing clothes sucks and I typically don’t purchase clothing unless it’s machine washable. I wanted to know, out of curiosity/easiness, if I truly had to hand wash my Monroe, or if I could stick it in the wash and it would be fine… I didn’t want to find out enough to put my own Monroe at risk through!


I’m always happy when my husband does the laundry. I always say thank you, and try to at least help with the folding. (After my back surgery, leaning in to pick up wet clothes, stand up, and shove them while leaning forward again into the dryer has become impossible most days). However, this also means that my Monroe ended up being tossed in washing machine. How did my husband know he did a bad thing? When the fringe on the bottom was unraveling while pulling it back out of the washing machine.


Definitely damaged.


Here’s how I fixed my Monroe! Hopefully you’ll never need this tutorial, but in case you do, here are the instructions:

Start with gathering the needed supplies:

  • Monroe with a sad unraveling fringe
  • Fabric scissors (or super sharp scissors)
  • Fabric Check (or any other brand of solution┬áthat prevents fabric from fraying)


Next is to trim the fringe up, just above where it is unraveling. Trim this as evenly as possible!


Now that the fringe is all even with its bad ends trimmed off, it’s time to apply the Fray Check. This solution can sometimes discolor the fabric, or leave it a bit stiff. Please test a small area first (I didn’t see a difference with the black, personally).


When it dries, it is kinda tacky. To prevent the individual fringe pieces from drying together, I used my scissors (a wide tooth comb would probably have worked faster) to separate the fringe.


Double-check that all your fringe is even, and you’re all done!



Pok├ęmon Birthday Party

S├ębastien turned TWO!

When I was pregnant, the advice that I heard the most was to enjoy every minute and every stage, because your kids will grow up faster than you think. And as clich├ę as it sounds, it is so true. My daughter recently started pre-kindergarten, and my son is now two years old.

We asked S├ębastien what theme he wanted for his party by taking him to Party City and letting him, with great difficulty, make his choice. I guess there was a bit of foreshadowing, as I took this picture just days before we went to Party City at the local Super Target:

Someone turned the cement pylons outside of the Super Target into Pok├ęballs!
Someone turned the cement pylons outside of the Super Target into Pok├ęballs!

He had an amazing day, and seemed to truly enjoy having my family come over to celebrate with us!

Family photo at the party!
Family photo at the party!

His only requirement for the party? Not gifts, not his favorite meal (PB&J), not even swimming in the pool.. it was CAKE! I made a cupcake cake and decorated with red aerosol icing coloring and black sprinkles to make a Pok├ęball.

The Pok├ęball cake got the reaction every mom hopes for :)
The Pok├ęball cake got the reaction every mom hopes for ­čÖé
Close-up of the cake
Close-up of the cake

The pizza delivery place even made the pizza into a Pok├ęball!

Pok├ęball pizza!

We also celebrated my moms birthday, her birthday is on the 10th and my sons is on the 12th! We had a SECOND cake (which the kids were just as excited about). She seemed to also appreciate the party – without knowing a single pok├ęmon name ­čÖé

Triple chocolate fudge cake - the more chocolate the better!
Triple chocolate fudge cake – the more chocolate the better!

I┬áalso made some essential oil diffuser necklaces with my mom and my sister! I’m thinking I will make a few of these to post for sale once I launch in October!

My essential oil diffuser necklace (my kids love smelling it!)
My essential oil diffuser necklace (my kids love smelling it!)


Catherine’s oil diffuser necklace

Here are some more photos of our day. I have the most amazing family and had such a great time celebrating this milestone with them! Thank you!

Florida SuperCon 2016

Hello Sweetie!

This past weekend was SuperCon here in South Florida. I believe it is the largest ComicCon of the year in this area! Although we had to navigate through a ridiculous amount of people (not easy, especially in a wheelchair) we still had an amazing time with our kiddos! As an enthusiastic Doctor Who fan, my favorite bit was the opportunity to see Alex Kingston (aka River Song from Doctor Who) at a Q&A session at the Fillmore on Miami Beach, and a family picture with her as well!

Alex Kingston on stage at the Fillmore
Doctor Who family picture with Alex Kingston


The family all dressed up like various Doctor Who charactors:


Kiddos dressed as Rose (Billie Piper) and the 10th Doctor (David Tennant)


The kiddos were dressed as Rose (episode: Tooth and Claw) and the tenth Doctor. Both had a blast playing with the sonic all day ­čÖé


Being the Doctor is exhausting work! Even the Doctor has to sleep (no Morpheus pod for us!)

“Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?”

Hubs dressed as the handsome Jack Harkness, and I dressed up as one of my favorite Doctor Who companions, Clara Oswin (Os-for-the-win!) Oswald.


My favorite family picture to date


My daughter was (almost) just as excited as I was to stand in the TARDIS! And was disappointed to see that this one was not, in fact, bigger on the inside…


As a bonus, here’s a video of Paige O’Hara (voice of Belle in the Disney original animated movie) singing part of Bonjour! Getting to see my favorite Disney princess sing this song live was incredible!

Paige O’Hara Singing