Impromptu Adeline Photo Shoot

Someone LOVES the camera!

While at the park in Houston, Isabelle and I had an impromptu photo shoot of her in her Adeline dress and leggings (and princess hair lol). She loves being photographed, and is quite photogenic! I may be a little biased, but I think Isabelle will love having these photos when she is older.

Adeline is such a cute girls dress, suitable in the small to the larger sizes! I carry this style in my LuLaRoe shop ?

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New Year, New Wardrobe GIVEAWAY!

New Year, New You, New LuLaRoe Wardrobe!

I wanted to start off 2017 with a bang! LuLaRoe has changed my life, and I wanted to share the joy of LuLaRoe with an amazing giveaway. Let’s start the new year being confident and comfortable with ourselves, ready to tackle the new year head on!

Join my Facebook group here and comment to enter the giveaway! Add a friend to my group for a second entry 😀 The more LuLa love the better!

See you all on Facebook live January 1st at 8PM EST to pick the winner!

LuLaRoe shop is OPEN!

So much LuLaRoe!

I won’t lie, opening up about 12 big boxes of LuLaRoe inventory felt like Christmas came early this year! It’s been tough not to keep it all 🙂

To shop via Facebook, join my VIP group here:

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Lastly my jewelry will be up for sale right here on my website.

Some of the items I kept for Isabelle (Sloan and Leggings)

October Fashion File

LuLaRoe October Fashion File

Here are some fashion tips and trends to look forward to in the fall, headed into winter! This was written by Jill Brady at the LuLaRoe Home Office.

“It’s no surprise during the fall season that we see a shift towards warm and cozy woven materials; the sorts of muted colors that demand we stay in curled up with a good book. The colors of this season reflect nature, and we can expect to see reds and burnt oranges along with shades of tan. However, the standout color of this fall season is a dusty, rosy pink – particularly paired with a bright yellow. Perhaps it’s a nod to last year’s uncharacteristically warm fall/winter season and the slow transition from the summertime.

If you’re going for extra style points this fall, be sure to throw some velvet into the mix – a trend that’s sure to carry over into the winter season. Velvet is everywhere – even on handbags – and it has us looking forward with eager anticipation to the holiday pieces Patrick [LuLaRoe head designer] might be cooking up for us!  Speaking of holidays, we can of course expect lots of metallic, but the emphasis this season is less on sparkle and more on shine; think of golds and silvers that have seemingly melted onto the fabric.  Simple but shiny accessories with less detail and ornamentation are an easy way to rock this trend!

Beautiful outfit sold by Lularoe Michelle Cummings Boutique
Beautiful outfit sold by Lularoe Michelle Cummings Boutique

As far as other trends go, fall-hued floral prints continue to remain popular. Other trends encourage us to transition our favorite summer staples into fall. It’s easy to layer your summer pieces with a warm, neutral Sarah or Lindsay. We will see dresses worn over turtlenecks, oxford shirts, or even just long sleeved T’s – adding both warmth and visual interest. This would be especially cute with LuLaRoe’s Amelia, Nicole, Julia, and Ana dresses. For those who want to add an exciting twist to their outfits, we will see summer sandals and open-toed heels worn with socks. If you’re going to try it, let us suggest sheer, almost stocking-like socks working up toward the knee and thigh highs.

Another great outfit from @lularoehaileyminor
Another great outfit from @lularoehaileyminor

Pleats are still big (hello Jill skirts!) and look great with cropped fitted jackets or even layered with chunky sweaters. The 70’s silhouette (tight top, full bottom) is still worming it’s way into the mainstream, bucking the skinny jeans that have reigned supreme over the last decade (although those aren’t going anywhere anytime soon either). This is a great time to embrace your Ana, Nicole, and Amelia dresses; or pair a sized-down Classic T with a fuller Madison, Lola, and Lucy skirt.”

Outfit from LuLaRoe Jill Domme
Outfit from LuLaRoe Jill Domme

I love summer, but dressing for Fall with its many options will always be my favorite. Even more so since moving to South Florida, where Fall and Winter trends need a bit more creativity to pull off in 90 degree weather 🙂


LuLaRoe – Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


I have officially submitted my paperwork to become a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant!

Lularoe Unique Posts v2


This is a phenomenal opportunity, and I am super excited to get started! Here is an article that sums up LuLaRoe well from Business Insider.

If anyone is interested in joining, please let me know! I am happy to help get you started in the right direction!

Opportunity Call Post1.3


I will be adding more information on the product offering and how to shop within the next month, so stay tuned!