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LuLaRoe look book to see what styles LuLaRoe offers, as well as tips and tricks to make your look work.

From the official website

LuLaRoe has a their collection posted in entirety on their official website. This is a great place to start if you are new to LuLaRoe and would like a reference as to what the various style names are. For sizing information for these styles, click here!

Here is their summer 2016 collection:

Perfect for maternity

LuLaRoe clothing is PERFECT to wear instead of maternity clothing! I wish I had known LuLaRoe existed while pregnant with my little ones… It makes a lot more sense to buy clothing that can be worn not only while pregnant, but afterwards too (including nursing-friendly styles)! Here’s a great picture from patternandflow:


Nearly all styles can be worn during and after your pregnancy (so amazing!). Here are some styles and why they work:

  • Leggings – these babies can stretch! They will last throughout the pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Julia dress – made to be form fitting, but with the incredible stretch in LuLaRoe’s fabric, highlights your bump leaving you looking adorable!
  • Maxi skirt – worn as a dress, it has plenty of room for your bump, but can also be pulled down easily to breastfeed. As seen on Merrick’s Art:
Maxi worn as a dress
Maxi worn as a dress
  • Amelia – box pleats give additional volume around your bump throughout your pregnancy. Also ideal if you’re planning on nursing, simply turn the dress around so the zipper is in the front and zip down as needed! (nursing dresses are expensive! The Amelia is a steal for a nursing dress… I know, I had to buy one for both my children’s baptisms!). Here’s an example from A Little Lula Paradise:
Amelia's are perfect for breastfeeding!
Amelia’s are perfect for breastfeeding!
  • Irma – also leaves plenty of volume around your bump, and is flowy enough to lift over baby while nursing, acting as a nursing cover at the same time 😉
  • Lastly is the Carly – same reasons as the Irma, just make sure you’re wearing leggings with it to nurse!

Many of LuLaRoe’s styles can be worn many different ways! I love looking through Pinterest to see how creative people are in wearing their LuLaRoe! You can check out my board here to browse 🙂

Some of my favorites are (all images are from Pinterest):

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