What if one opportunity could change your life?

Looking for the opportunity to gain independence, set your own hours, love what you do, and bring happiness to others? LuLaRoe may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for 🙂

Join the movement

LuLaRoe has a unique culture that matches their unique Direct Sales business model. There are no commissions, with LLR you own your own business, and decide how and when you choose to sell. The culture here is extremely supportive, providing online platforms to train, in-person traveling tours for consultants to attend and hone their skills, and joining with a sponsor to help you succeed.

By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others

If you are ready to start on this adventure, click here! And if you would like more information, please reach out to me (closertotheheartcreations@gmail.com)! Helping others is a passion of mine, whether you’re at the first step in your evaluation process or the last (or maybe don’t have one ;P), I’m happy to help!

Dream of owning your own business?

My team has a FaceBook group that provides lots of updated information, like the newest on-boarding packages and live Q&A’s. It’s a great resource to leverage! As your sponsor I am always around to guide you through the process 🙂 Please reach out to me, it would make my day!