Since I’m woefully behind on posting, here’s an update đŸ™‚

My ability to post every other week seems to have been severely challenged by life events in the past two months. Here’s the short list:

  • I spent half of January traveling for both work and personal (including driving to Texas since our flight was cancelled and we were too stubborn to let it ruin our time with our friends and their new baby)
  • So much time learning how to run my own business
  • Actually running my own business
  • I also work full-time for a fairly demanding job (my team is super short staffed – aka we are all working late into the night regularly)
  • More travel in February for both work and personal (post coming on that hopefully soon!)
  • After waiting 4 years I am finally seeing one of the top physicians for ME/CFS which has been steadily progressing since I got sick 8 years ago (this also means lots of tests and time spent working on my health)
  • I have two little kids, enough said on that one

Okay, so maybe not so much a short list as much as a long one, but you get the gist. Life is crazy around here and doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon!

So much LuLaRoe!

On the plus side, my LuLaRoe business is continuing to grow! Super exciting! Now I need to shift some focus on making these fun jewelry pieces to compliment all this LuLaRoe đŸ˜€